Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Haring - Tuttomondo

Much of Keith Haring's art seems to speak on a similar subject. His signature playful, human-like shapes sprawl all around many of his pieces in order to discuss the nature of humanity. His final work of art, Tuttomondo, for example does exactly that. It contains many different shapes and creatures, but all, with perhaps the exception of the snake in the top right corner, maintain distinctly human-like features. Some of Tuttomondo's creatures seem to simply be free form as if they were products of mark and gesture and the little black lines separating each creature are certainly examples of this. However, other creatures, such as the human scissor creatures cutting the snake, intentionally represent aspects of the human plight in continuation of Haring's quest to reveal human nature. This could be described as the content of Tuttomondo. Tuttomondo's form is defined by it's placement on the side of the wall. This form represent's Haring's attempt at breaking down the barrier between street art and gallery art.

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