Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alberto Seveso

The images above were created by freelance illustrator and graphic artist Alberto Seveso. He was born in Milan, Italy and taught himself to be an artist without any formal schooling. He has developed a photoshop technique that allows him to create the illusion that the human body is made up entirely of vector shapes.  His art breaks apart or hides parts of his human subjects while maintaining their human shape to create a kind of mysterious, surrealist feel, while still maintaining some form of realism. Often he plays with color in his photographs as well, forcing the audience to focus on certain shapes and oddities as he presents them. Most of the end products are amazing and their manipulations of the human appearance make them very entrancing. Seveso jokingly calls his technique 'sperm shaping' because the vector shapes that he creates often resemble sperm (bottom).

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