Monday, February 21, 2011

Final Space Project: Forest of Perception

This is the very base of what the final project will look like. I have finished all of the main shapes for the project except three: the soda can will be embedded in the background, a circle will be added below the cup, (see below for a better idea of what I mean) and one of the shapes will be implied by empty space.

A view from overhead.

The soda can has been embedded in the background, to add extra dimension to the piece. It has also been topped with the illustration board that it replaced to allow it to better represent the circle it is mimicking in my sketch (see below).

The background was given another layer, a circle made from the bottom of a paper cup was added below the black cup, and the implied circle was cut into the illustration board.

The finished product. Many arms were added and pipe cleaner was folded to represent the long arm that is present on the left end of the picture. This side view gives the piece its own identity.

An overhead view to be compared to the original sketch. Notice how objects, such as the pipes the pipe cleaner, appear to take on different shapes when viewed from above and how the yellow disappears for the most part. Also notice the addition of the implied oval-like shape in between the black cup and the tin foil and how that oval is only viewable from this angle. The proportions are wrong when compared to the original sketch and the objects are arranged slightly differently, but I succeeded in manipulating perception and therefore accomplished my goal.

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