Monday, February 21, 2011

Hyperformalism, Immersive Discoveries, and Visual Art Introduction

These three articles are, at their core, about aspects of the use of technology in modern day art and humankind's quest for immersion in art surrounding this phenomenon. However, each article primarily discusses a different idea branch in this broad topic. "...Immersive Discoveries..." includes the opinions of several successful artists and their tendencies in the artistic tool known as Second Life, while the "Virtual Art..." introduction discusses how the quest for immersion began even before our modern day tools through the panorama and other illusory art forms. "Hyperformalism" defines and expands upon the term presented by its title, which came about as a result of the new wave of digital art. Each is presented in a medium that is unique to the others. "...Immersive Discoveries..." is appropriately the most modern article in terms of formatting while "Hyperformalism" takes its topic to heart and attempts to incorporate its themes into its format. On the opposite end of the spectrum, "Visual Art..." is in presented as a book. These differing mediums really reveal how expansive these concepts are in time. While each article creates a different ultimate message, they all at some point make note that the digital way of art is the direction that the future is headed.

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