Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Level Design Example with Spore Galactic Adventures: Something in the Mist

As you passed by an uncharted planet, you received a distress signal from the surface. Upon landing, you discover a mysterious neighborhood shrouded in mist and in the middle of nowhere. It seems it is eternally Halloween here and no one seems to know who sent the distress signal... Something isn't right.

A silly Spore Halloween horror comedy created by Andrew Van Deventer. Enjoy a fun little adventure in a Halloween themed town. Go Trick or Treating, capture the moon, and run for your life. Everything was made by me with the exception of the trees in the opening walkway and the streetlights which were created by Maxis. The music also belongs to Maxis, but the program does not give the option to provide your own music. I do not own the rights to any of the candies mentioned, but I certify them to be delicious.

Here's a link to this adventure as well as my other adventure, Dinosaur Hunting, if you own Spore Galactic Adventures: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=ftr-adventure%3Ausr-Chikken21%7C2262942375

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