Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Project Process and Rough Drafts/Ideas

My original version of the Mario fridge raid ad. Due to comments from my critique squad, I fixed the final version to remove emphasis from the fridge. I do like this version because of how clear Mario looks, but there are very few who could tell what was going on in the image

This is the base image of Mario before he was edited into the refrigerator picture and given a shadow and crumbs.

I actually really liked these two old designs (above and below), but I realized late in the game that the 3D effect is only on the top screen  

An early sketch of my pants idea. The right pocket reads "I Couldn't Contain It", referring to the slogan of my ad campaign, but I decided later on that this could be taken the wrong way. I prefer the simplified design of my final product.

Top Left :
3D Without the Glasses
No. Really. 

A rough mockup of an idea I had while working on my current one. I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate it or turn it into its own campaign, but I still kind of like the idea. Trying to use the DS as glasses just tickles my funny bone for some reason. The idea of 3D without glasses still strikes me as unbelievable, and this played into the disbelief around which this image is based.

See the previous post for the end results of my final project.

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