Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Project End Results

Here are my 3DS pants. I wasn't able to actually add the 3DS logo in a way that looked good, so I edited it in instead. The Link face upon which the left pocket is based is shown in the advertisement below. The hat coming out of the pocket is meant to make comment on the 3D effect of the system.

This is the first of my basic advertisements. The font for the slogan on the left (on all of them) is based on Nintendo's traditional font so that it blends well with the picture. Instead of their typical red, however, the letters are green in this picture to fit Link's color scheme. The slogan and the logo are slightly rotated to appear broken and chaotic.
The text is changed back to red for Mario's edition of the commercial.

The Pikachu edition of my advertisement. It is based on the same color scheme as the advertisement above, which is why I didn't show it in class, but here it is.

Here is what Pikachu would look like if he were in a magazine. 

My billboard prepared advertisement on its billboard. The raw image is below.

The owner of the 3DS in this picture was unable to contain the intensity and so Mario is pictured escaping after having food from the fridge. This is based on my blue color scheme. 

Standby for rough drafts and process sketches in the near future.

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