Monday, April 11, 2011

Concept ideas/Rough draft

Here is a rough mock up of my final idea. The 3-d effect needs work, but I like how the rest of it turned out. It is utilizing my blue color scheme from the previous post. I added some color to the bottom half of the add to differentiate it from the blandness of the top. The tagline will be added later.
Nintendo 3DS
Fixing the Third Dimension

The images below will hopefully guide my progress into the final version.

I've always liked Burger King's/Coke's abstract art ad on the side of their disposable cups. It does a very good job of looking delicious. Hopefully I can incorporate art close to this style in my 3-d effects on my ad. Alberto Seveso, will also serve as a source of inspiration (see previous post). His art does a good job of blurring outlines. An example of his art:

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