Monday, April 11, 2011

Red DS ad

Another rough mock up of my final idea. I think, for consistency's sake, that I'll include a different Nintendo character in every ad, as opposed to having generic exciting things happening in the bottom screen. Not sure if this ad is quite as effective as the last one though. I like the pokeball popping out, and I think I'll incorporate some sort of character related symbol into the '3D effect' for each one. However, the emphasis is meant to be on the man's eyebrows, because they're much larger (poking out) on the bottom picture, which is hard to tell. I may try to fix this later with just a picture of one eye from each person. That may make things more apparent. I also need to fix the broken glass effect and add a broken 3DS symbol beneath the crack. This ad incorporates my red color palette from last week. 

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